My Way or the Highway answers this question for the world’s greatest cities. Each episode matches two furious rivals in a high stakes race from the host city’s suburbs to downtown. See the city’s freeways, subways, people, history and geography through the eyes of commuters as we follow two urban warriors, Joe the car guy and Chad the bus buff, in their cross-town clash. This show is Myth Busters meets the Amazing Race with a nod to Top Gear.

Enjoy the ride!

Chad Rock
Producer, Train and Bus Buff

Chad Rock first drove a giant train engine at the age of four. Thus began a lifelong love affair with large, powerful vehicles. Chad now blogs about public transportation effectiveness and can be read at Chad believes that if celebrities rode public transportation regularly, rider numbers would increase exponentially.

Mr. Rock has worked as an actor, TV host, standup comedian and radio talk show host in Tokyo, Washington, DC and Los Angeles.  He has starred in national television commercials in Japan, interviewed members of the U.S. Congress, and been profiled by the Washington Post.  Chad loves television, soccer and sushi.

Joe Stockman
Producer, Editor, Asskicker

Joe Stockman is a Producer, Writer, Director and Editor whose work has appeared on Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Discovery, Versus and anywhere that focuses on travel, food, sports, or lifestyle. Joe has worked on everything from music documentaries and high profile wedding stories to local commercial spots and half hour infomercials. Currently, he's turning his sights to developing and producing great docu-reality television.

As an Editor, he knows the elements that make a great story, as a Writer, how to present them, and as a Producer, Joe knows just which ass to kick to get them.

Joe Neuburger
Producer, Car Guy

Joe Neuburger has been a gear head ever since the age of 3 when he began recognizing different cars as they passed on the freeway. After graduating college he moved to Florida and worked within the NASCAR racing scene until his eventual move to Los Angeles.

In LA Joe now works as an automotive media agent with car companies like Nissan, Infiniti, GM, Ford, Aston Martin, Bentley, Mazda, Hyundai, Mercedes and Honda. He currently resides in Hollywood, CA and races cars in his spare time 

Phone: 310.882.8324

  • Chad can only use public transportation to reach the finish line.
  • Joe can only use freeways and must park on the street.  No Garage or Valet parking.
  • Other racers and challenges can be added at anytime.
  • The first racer to the finish line wins.

  • Los Angeles
  • New York City (Chad must solve NY Times Crossword with help from commuters.)
  • Boston (add a marathoner as a third racer)
  • Seattle (add a boat as a third racer and a cyclist as a fourth racer)
  • Cleveland (Joe must pick up and bring a group of commuters, donuts etc.)
  • Chicago (Chad must take his nephew to school on the way to downtown)
  • San Francisco (cable cars included in the race)
  • Houston (Chad drinks 2 gallons of water before the trip and finds bathrooms as needed)
  • Miami (Joe drinks five small Cuban coffees and deals with the caffeine buzz in traffic.)
  • Washington DC (Chad must act as a tour guide for Asian tourists during his trip.)
  • Atlanta (each racer must get and eat $10 worth of BBQ)
  • Philadelphia (each must get a cheese steak on the way)
  • Mexico City (Joe has a Mariachi Band in the SUV with him.)